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About The Essence Strategy Sessions

The Essence Strategy Sessions have been created in response to a big crisis we have observed amongst our entrepreneurs: a lack of clarity, knowledge and direction in building a viable business in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a very enterprising country. Most young people are doing one business or another on the side, but how many of these businesses have a clear strategy? A written business plan? Business targets? Or are even making a profit?

Most entrepreneurs we have consulted with answer “no” to all the questions above.

What to expect from TESS

Many entrepreneurs are in need of business support and mentor-ship but can’t afford 1:1 coaching.

TESS is designed to give you the maximum benefit of a 1:1 business coaching session in a small group setting.



Duration: 2 hours + networking and Q&A

Group Size: Maximum 10

Location: Primary Location Lagos. ( If you would like a Strategy Session to be organised in your city please contact us to find out how to facilitate this)

Date:  February TBC

Content: TESS will be a very focused and intensive session. We will help you discover and document the following:

  • Your “why” for starting and running your business
  • Your Business Identity, which in essence is who you are as a business and what you do
  • What specific problem you are trying to solve through your business
  • What unique solution your business is providing to solve that problem
  • Who your customers are
  • Who your competition is and what sets you apart from them

The 6 components above are the bedrocks of your business strategy and will enable you to go to the next step of Scenario Planning and Business Planning, which is vital to running and growing your business successfully.

There will also be time at the end to network with the other entrepreneurs and our facilitator, Zahra Zakariya, who will be available to answer some of your personal business questions.

Cost: N5500 incl. VAT (Special discounted price for a limited time only)

Why attend?

The top reasons are clarity and accountability.

Every single entrepreneur, no matter how successful goes through periods of uncertainty and confusion. That is why the management consulting sector is a multi-billion dollar industry, with the worlds largest companies spending millions of dollars every year on expert advice and guidance.

Most people think that they can answer the questions above, but often they just scratch the surface. They don’t truly dig deep and let their answers come from their hearts, and so, in just a few weeks they find themselves back to square one.

Lastly, if you are reading this, you run a business and currently don’t have a document outlining what you do, why you do it and how you do it, then this session will be beneficial for you.

We often dread writing a full business plan, but we guarantee that once you have this foundation in place, writing your business plan and using it to drive your business growth, attract investors and form strategic partnerships will become that much easier.

Your Facilitator: Zahra Zakariya Abdulkareem


Zahra is a Business Strategist and Social Entrepreneur. She has over 7 years business experience and has consulted for both start-ups and large multi-national banks in the UK. Zahra has a BSc in Economics and a certificate in Business Accounting from the Chartered Institute of Management Accounting. She completed the world renowned graduate training program with Deloitte UK, where she qualified as a Strategy and Operations Consultant. Zahra has worked with a number of global investment banks on a range of projects including Regulatory Transformations, Strategic Planning, Risk Data Aggregation, Data Architecture, Reference Data Strategy and Data Lineage.

Zahra is also the founder of The Umm Fariha Network a women’s network aimed at nurturing women of virtue, MFN by Zahra Zakariya, a modest fashion strategy, branding and promotion brand and The Essence Online, aimed at providing business mentor-ship and spiritual development for God-conscious entrepreneurs.

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