About Us

Our Mission: To showcase and enhance the talent in the Muslim community through entrepreneurship and education  

Ever since the turn of the millennium there has been an Islamic awakening… With the negative press and stereotyping of Muslims in the media over the past 15 years, the current generation of Muslim youths have been forced to make a choice.

A choice to embrace the religion fully and show the world its true beauty and message or abandon the religion altogether and dissociate themselves from it.

We represent the 1st camp. The generation of young Muslims who are taking a stance against the systematic oppression and making a conscious effort to learn about the religion, revive its true teachings and implement the essence of its way of life.

This shift in attitude and lifestyle has created an increase in demand for ethical and halal products and services which we aim to service.

Our Aims: At The Essence our aim is to connect, inspire and empower Muslim Millennials though community engagement, quality lifestyle events, educative seminars and halal social gatherings

Entrepreneurship and Education are the main vehicles we use to achieve our goals. Our platform provides a single place where halal friendly products and services can be showcased and traded.

Our promise, is to understand the deepest social and economic challenges facing Muslim Millennial and come up with innovative ways to help tackle these problems.

Through our sister brands; The Essence Online! and The Umm  Fariha Network we channel our resources and efforts to help you achieve personal, social and economic success.

Our Ethos: The ultimate success for us is the success of the Hereafter which means that we not only strive for financial gains in this world, but also for spiritual fulfilment for ourselves, our investors and stakeholders.

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